Matching Christmas food & wine - Desserts

Tips for matching Christmas food with wine - and practical suggestions - Part 2

I cover in two separate blog posts a) main courses typically served at Christmas and suggestions for suitable wines and b) guidance on wines to serve with starters, brunch dishes and party food typically eaten at Christmas. There are no hard and fast rules for wine at this time of year as we tend to eat such a wide range of foods that it is difficult to find wines to complement all of the different flavours. The main aim in general should be to match the weight of the dish with the body of the wine.

In this blog post I give some suggestions for wines that will complement seasonal desserts and cheese. Firstly, desserts...

When pairing desserts & wine ...

Bear in mind the above guideline - always choose wines that are sweeter than your dessert. This will help to avoid an acidic or sour taste

Christmas pudding

Mince pies & Christmas cake


Trifle & creamy desserts

Chocolate desserts

And of course there is always sweet Sauternes which will pair well with most desserts and with blue cheeses like Roquefort (and with foie gras for those with a preference for more savoury dishes).

Sauternes dessert wine matches most desserts and puddings.jpg

Cheese & Wine

... if you still have room for cheese ...

Matching cheese and wine should be the subject of a whole new blog given the vast range of different cheeses so I will keep it simple for this blog:

You may be surprised that white wines feature prominently in this section but white wine doesn't have the tannins that clash with the saltiness of many cheeses. And if you have switched back to white after red, you may be surprised how white wine can cleanse the palate.

Domaine Billaud Simon Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu a versatile choice for Christmas.jpg

My Christmas mixed cases
 include several of the wines suggested in Parts 1, 2 & 3 of this blog. If you want help putting together a mixed case of your own
, please feel free to call me on 0333 772 0301 or email Did you know that 50% of my lovely customers prefer the direct approach and order by phone or email rather than via the website?


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