Old World wines & New World wines

We've all heard these terms but  what do Old World and New World wine mean and are they still valid terms in the wine world?

Old World wines New World Wines.jpg

Old World and New World have been used for many years as descriptors and categories for wine. I have even hosted several wine tastings on the subject in the past. Although I hear the terms used less frequently these days

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10 tell-tale signs that you are a wine buff

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Regular readers of this wine blog post will have an interest in wine. Most of you will consider yourselves wine enthusiasts but  how many of you are wine buffs ? Here are  some tongue-in-cheek clues  that might suggest you are getting bitten a little too excessively by the wine bug.
  •   Your wine bill will increase  as you appreciate the difference between well-produced wine

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Natural, organic & bio-dynamic wine; what's the difference?

"Natural wine" is a term that has been bandied about over the last few years but it is open to very loose interpretation. 

It is regularly used as a substitu te for "organic" and / or "biodynamic", two terms which themselves are also often confused . Several other words are also freely used to embrace the three concepts of natural, organic and bio-dynamic - raw,

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Guide to high, medium & low alcohol wines

Following our blogpost about the alcohol content of wine  READING WINE LABELS : THE ABV OF WINE I have produced the infographic below as a guide to high, medium and low alcohol wines.

As there are many elements that can affect the alcoholic content of a wine it is a general guide: you may find some surprises on there.

Wines With Attitude Guide to high, medium & low alcohol levels in wine.jpeg


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Reading Wine Labels : The ABV of wine

Wine Blog Alcohol levels in Wine.jpg

After the popularity of my two wine blogs on sulphites in wine  and on wine provenance , I've been asked to take a look at other wine label information. So in this blog I'll look at the "ABV" percentage - what is that all about?

What does ABV mean?

I'm sure you are aware that it relates to the alcoholic strength of the wine

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In praise of the Semillon grape

Semillon word cloud.jpg
In celebration of the return to our virtual shelves of the fabulous Wally White from The Islander Estate on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of Australia, let's take a look at the Semillon or Sémillon grape and why it is, in my opinion, hugely under-rated .

What's the big deal with Semillon?

Admittedly it is not going to appeal to people who prefer their white

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Wine Faults Part 3

One person's meat is another person's poison

faults or character in wine.jpg  

In our previous blogs on wine faults we looked at the one true wine fault - corked wine - and at some of the minor flaws that you might experience in wine , often remedied by a quick swirl of the glass or by decanting. There are also a number of faults that fall into a grey

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Supertasters & Wine

Being a supertaster - superpower or a curse?

red wine glasses.jpg

It is estimated that approximately 25% of the population are 'supertasters' which may sound like they possess a special power that could be quite useful when it comes to appreciating wine.  Is it of benefit and what makes us supertasters or not?

First, how to test whether you are a supertaster, taster or a non-taster


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Sparkling wine and food matching

6 perfect sparkling wine & food pairings               

Sparkling Wine.jpg
Sparkling wine and food is in general a match made in heaven . The acidity in the wine, fairly low alcohol levels and the bubbles complement a wide range of flavours and textures including some pretty rich foods. Getting the right sparkling wine though is worthwhile as a brut Cava will

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Comparing sparkling wines; how they are produced

Following my previous ramblings on vintage Champagne , Cava and English Sparkling Wine , I have been asked to write about the differences between various types of sparkling wine including Champagne. I'm happy to oblige; I love a bit of sparkle.

sparkling wines - the differences in production.jpg

The production method

The major difference occurs in the winery.  Most sparkling wines are produced as a result of the reaction between yeast and

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