In praise of the Semillon grape

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Here I take a look at the Semillon or Sémillon grape and why it is, in my opinion, hugely under-rated.

What's the big deal with Semillon?

Admittedly it is not going to appeal to people who prefer their white wines to be very light in colour and body but it has a lot going for it, not least the fact that it is so versatile.

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Wine faults - or wine characteristics?

One person's meat is another person's poison


In my previous blogs on wine faults I looked at the one true wine fault - corked wine - and at some of the minor flaws that you might experience in wine , often remedied by a quick swirl of the glass or by decanting. There are also a number of faults that fall into a grey

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Supertasters & Wine

Being a supertaster - superpower or a curse?

It is estimated that approximately 25% of the population are 'supertasters' which may sound like they possess a special power that could be quite useful when it comes to appreciating wine.  Is it of benefit and what makes us supertasters or not?

How to test whether you are a supertaster, taster or a non-taster


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Sparkling wine and food matching

6 perfect sparkling wine & food pairings               

Sparkling wine and food is in general a match made in heaven. The acidity in the wine, fairly low alcohol levels and the bubbles complement a wide range of flavours and textures including some pretty rich foods. Getting the right sparkling wine though is worthwhile as a brut Cava will not

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How different sparkling wines are produced

Following my previous ramblings on vintage Champagne , Cava and English Sparkling Wine , I have been asked to write about the differences between various types of sparkling wine including Champagne. I'm happy to oblige; I love a bit of sparkle.

Sparkling wine production methods

The major difference occurs in the winery.  Most sparkling wines are produced as a result of the reaction between yeast

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Italian grape varieties in Australia

Shiraz or Syrah, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon remain by far the most planted wine grape varieties in Australia, in fact 60% of total grapes crushed there in 2016 *. But for quite some time now several Italian varieties have been creeping into Australian vineyards: so why and why now?


Diversity of Australian wine

Australia's vineyards are dominated by French varieties - at least 90%

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2017: what's in (the wine) store?

  Farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017!
Let's hope this year is less of a rollercoaster than last year. I'm starting the year with a brief look at what it is likely to bring in terms of wine.


Lower alcohol levels

At this time of year especially we are thinking of our health and trying to making amends for the higher alcohol consumption that

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A guide to Ruby Ports

Port is such a huge subject so I'm splitting my blogposts into ruby ports and tawny ports. This is part 1, all about ruby ports, the different types and how they are made.

How port is produced

All port is produced in a similar way to still wine up to the fermentation stage; during that process grape-based alcohol is added to interrupt fermentation, effectively killing

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How your wine glass can affect the taste of your wine

There are some people who have strong views about the type and shape of wineglass that should be used for each wine and I'll write about that subject in a future blog. But regardless of the type or shape of glass you use,  to appreciate a good wine a really clean glass is required . This may seem blatantly obvious but it can make a

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English Sparkling Wine

At sparkling wine tastings I hold (where wines are tasted blind) participants vote for their favourite wine of the evening andvery often English Sparkling Wine comse out on top, pushing aside certain well-known and reputable vintage and non-vintage champagne brands (not stocked by Wines With Attitude!). This might come as a surprise to you as it does to most of those participants but   the fact

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