3 Cocktail Ideas

Sparkling, fresh and simple

Warm summer evenings call for cool cocktails but keep things simple so that you can enjoy the party. Here are three ideas to inspire you. 

Kir Imperial

  • 1 part Crème de Framboise
  • 7 parts Cava or Champagne
  • A couple of raspberries per glass

This is a variation on the Kir Royale which uses Crème de Cassis. This raspbery alternative is a lighter summer alternative.

Summer Fizz

The gin is not an essential ingredient but gives a little extra oomph and complements the elderflower.

Strawberry Moscato

Blend into a purée the strawberries, lemon juice and basil leaves according to taste. Then mix one part purée to 7 parts Moscato d'Asti. Moscato is slightly sweet which offsets perfectly the acidity of the lemon and strawberries but if you prefer your cocktail slightly sweeter, you can add a little sugar to the purée.

And for a bonus cocktail read how to make an Aperol Spritz which we featured last summer and which remains as popular as ever.


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