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I set up Wines With Attitude to share my passion for great wine with other wine enthusiasts. Fed up with opening another bottle of wine that really should have tasted better, I made it my mission to set up a wine store with a difference, a wine shop that only sells really decent wine. Think of me as your personal wine searcher; I root out great wines so that you won't be disappointed.

Finding better wines is also increasingly important these days as we are all so much more health-conscious; 'Drink less but drink better' is my ethos.

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My love of great wine is backed by a wine qualification - the WSET's Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits, stepping stone to the Master of Wine.

Hundreds of wines were tasted in the course of my studies, the aim being not to pinpoint the exact origin of a wine or to decide if a wine was to my personal taste but to evaluate each wine's quality and to understand what makes a wine a decent wine. So whilst I may not like a particular wine, I can still make an unbiased judgement about its quality - read more about what makes a wine great.

I keep my wine-tasting skills honed by tasting many wines for the Wines With Attitude portfolio and as a Judge for the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

I'm always available to provide suggestions for wine if you are struggling to make up your mind and I will also try to get hold of specific wines for my customers.

You can hear more about my passion and setting up my online wine store in the podcast below.

Wine blog

Another way in which I spread my love of wine is by writing a wine blog. Apart from providing a little light-hearted entertainment, its aim is to share information about wine styles, wine regions, grapes, winemakers and trends in the wine world. As food & wine matching is another of my interests, you'll also see pairing suggestions and occasional recipes.

My most popular blogposts to date have been about information on wine labels such as 'Contains Sulphites' and about various components of wine such as Acidity and Tannins.

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If there is anything that you would like to see covered in my blog, please send me an email.

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Lindsay Cornelissen DipWSET is passionate about good quality wine and set up Wines With Attitude to share that passion with other wine lovers.

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