Corked wine ~ Wine Faults ~ Part 2

Corked Wine - the only true wine fault

The smell of a wet dog is often associated with the wine fault, cork taint or corked wine . Other terms used to describe it are damp cellar, wet cardboard, mushrooms, wet newspaper, musty and mouldy. Cork taint is actually quite a difficult aroma to describe. Personally I think of it as a strong aroma of dusty

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3 wine cocktail Ideas

Cocktails with sparkling wine

Warm summer evenings call for cool cocktails but keep things simple so that you can enjoy the party . Here are three ideas to inspire you. 

Kir Imperial

This is a variation on the Kir Royale which uses Crème de Cassis. This raspbery alternative is

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Wine faults ~ Part 1

The lesser evils - minor flaws in wine

  Contrary to popular belief, there is only one true wine fault and that is corked wine or cork taint. There are a number of other faults that fall into a grey area because what is one person's fault in a wine might be considered a "characteristic" of the wine to others . And some things considered

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Wine provenance: clues to look for on the label

Kalleske labels.jpg

Geographical indications on wine labels

You may not pay too much attention to the specific origin of your wine other than looking for a geographical indication or appellation; that is a good starting point but did you know that in some countries regulations allow wine producers to declare a wine is produced in a certain region when only a certain percentage of grapes originates from

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Vintage champagne; is it such a big deal?

Vintage champagne is often talked about in much revered terms and the prices it can sell for suggest a far superior product to non-vintage champagne but is it so much better than non-vintage? First let's look at the differences between the two.

Non-vintage champagne is produced year on year in a consistent house style and to achieve that consistent style champagne houses have to use

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The Cava revolution

What is happening to Cava?

There has been a quiet revolution happening in the Penedès region of Northern Spain . The main reason has to be the success of Prosecco in recent years, positioning itself as the "value" alternative to Champagne in many markets including the UK. Cava has been fighting back on the quiet and is now pushing ahead a little more noisily in

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Storing wine: rough guidelines on Drink By dates

Drink By dates for wine

In the first part of my Storing Wine blog I covered how and where wine should be stored. Part 2 of the blog gave an insight into which wines are likely to improve with age and clues to the characteristics you can look for to determine if a wine will keep.

It is impossible to be precise in calculating how

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Storing wine: which wines will improve with age?

Which wines will keep & for how long?

More than 95% of all wine produced is intended to be drunk young , within 1 to 2 years of bottling, so is at its peak when released for sale. If you prefer a fruitier wine style then you can safely stick to younger wines. But for those that appreciate more developed flavours some wine can be

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Storing wine: how and where?

Storage of unopened wine bottles

In an ideal wine world we would all live in houses with cellars because cool cellars are the ideal environment for storing wine . But in this slightly less than ideal wine world where most of us aren't lucky enough to have a cellar, how and where should we store our wine?

I am a strong believer in storing wine

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Lemon, Ricotta & Almond Cake & a matching wine

With Mother's Day approaching and Easter hot on its heels, this tried, tested and much loved recipe for Lemon, Ricotta & Almond cake would be  the perfect treat for a family celebration .

I cannot remember the exact origin of the recipe having torn it out of a newspaper many years ago; you can find may iterations on the internet. This cake/ dessert has been

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