The best ways to keep wine after opening a bottle


The best ways to keep wine after opening a bottle by Wines With Attitude

If you've been following my blogposts on wine storage , you'll know that too much exposure to air is not good for wine . So what to do when you want just one or two glasses of wine from a bottle? How do you keep wine fresh after you have opened a bottle? After all, with a nod to health advice, we are all keeping

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15 signs that you are a wine connoisseur

How to tell if you are a wine connoisseur by Wines With Attitude

Regular readers of my wine blog will almost certainly have an interest in wine. The very fact that you are here reading this article must mean you too are probably an oenophile. Most of you will consider yourselves wine lovers or wine enthusiasts rather than simply wine drinkers but   how many of you consider yourselves wine buffs, real afficionados, even wine obsessives? In this

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Easter foods & wine

Easter 2021 by Wines With Attitude

The long Easter weekend is usually a great time for getting together with family and friends; this year, 2021, with some coronavirus restrictions still in place, Easter celebrations will have to be outdoors - but at least we are able to meet others (here in England it's the Rule of 6 or two households) even if it might be a little cool. It's an excuse

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Guide to the Shiraz / Syrah grape & wines

Shiraz Syrah grape and wine


Shiraz used to be very popular here in the UK but Syrah remained, and still remains to some extent, relatively unknown. In fact Shiraz is the same grape as Syrah. This guide to the Shiraz or Syrah grape will reveal more about this wine grape variety and the different styles of Shiraz or Syrah wine. I’ll also be looking into what Shiraz tastes like,

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How to find the best Australian wines in the 2020s

Australian wines by Wines With Attitude

It is difficult to generalise about Australian wine - with 65 different wine regions and more than 100 different grape varieties* grown, there is no one style of Australian wine. And yet on the whole the reputation of Australian wine still seems to be very poor - if you type "Australian wine" in the Google UK search bar, one of the Frequent Questions that pops

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The best wines to drink with hot chilli spice

Wines to drink with hot chilli by Wines With Attitude

What are the best wines to drink with spicy hot food? I’m talking here about chilli-hot food. Your first thought might be to reach for the biggest, heartiest red wine on the wine rack to pair with a hot chilli con carne for example - after all I recommend in my general food and wine matching tips that you think about the matching the structure

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Guide to tannins in wine

Tannins are in grape skins by Wines With Attitude

Tannins in wine tend to have a bad press but is it justified? This blogpost takes a look at exactly what tannin is and how you can detect it in wine, which wines are the most tannic and which the least and how levels of tannin can be altered during wine-making and during ageing from the effects of oak. I’ll also cover the best foods

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First Drop Wines - full of flavour & fun

First Drop Logo courtesy of First Drop Wines

Wines With Attitude has been a First Drop wines stockist since tasting their wines at a UK Australia Day tasting in 2015 and the wines never disappoint as they are consistently of great quality and full of flavour, good value and ready to drink on release without the need for long cellaring – in fact a perfect match for Wines With Attitude. And I am

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A guide to the Malbec grape & its wines

Malbec by Wines With Attitude

Malbec, Argentinian Malbec in particular, is one of the most popular red wines in the UK. This blogpost looks into the reasons for Malbec’s popularity, explores facts about the Malbec grape that account, in part, for the wine’s different aromas & flavours and for the different styles of Malbec wine.

Malbec grapes

Malbec grapes by Wines With Attitude Although the Malbec grape is the flagship grape of Argentina, it originated in

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All about terroir & how it affects wine

Terroir & its impact on wine by Wines With Attitude

Terroir is a much-used and much-debated term but what exactly does it mean? Some say terroir produces better wines with more character, so-called terroir wines - but is that right? I confess I have long been a great fan of terroir and I use the expression quite liberally in my unique tasting notes. But there are many who think the term terroir is over-used and

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