I have just taken delivery of the first Wines With Attitude port, a beautiful Crusted Port , just in time for Christmas. A good time therefore to look into port and all its different styles.

rabelos on the douro port wine.jpg

All port is produced in a similar way to still wine up to the fermentation stage; during that process grape-based alcohol is added to interrupt fermentation, effectively killing off the

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The cool Chardonnay comeback


I'll show my hand upfront - I love a good Chardonnay though I have not been shouting about it in recent years as Chardonnay has not been a very popular wine for some time. Remember the "Anything but Chardonnay" or "ABC" era in the late 1990s? This was almost certainly in part a backlash against "Nothing But Chardonnay" being served. It was just everywhere and

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Ways in which your wine glass can affect the taste of your wine

clean wine glasses.jpg

There are some people who have strong views about the type and shape of wineglass that should be used for each wine and we'll write about that subject in a future blog. But regardless of the type or shape of glass you use,  to appreciate a good wine a really clean glass is required . This may seem blatantly obvious but it can make a

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All about terroir & its impact on wine

What is terroir.jpg

We confess we have long been great fans of terroir at Wines With Attitude. We use the expression quite liberally in our unique tasting notes but there are many who think the term over-used and the concept over-rated, little more than a marketing ploy. So what exactly is terroir and why is it such a topic of hot debate?

What is terroir?

Terroir determines the

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English Sparkling Wine

 British bubbles.jpg

It would be rude not to give it a try!

At a couple of our recent blind sparkling wine tastings, participants voted for their favourite wine of the evening and in both instances English Sparkling Wine came out on top, pushing aside certain well-known and reputable vintage and non-vintage champagne brands (not stocked by Wines With Attitude). This might come as a surprise to

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Wine Faults ~ Part 2

Corked Wine - the only true wine fault

You may wonder what on earth an article on wine faults has to do with this photo...  wet dog.jpg
Well, the smell of a wet dog is often associated with the wine fault, cork taint or corked wine . Other terms used to describe it are damp cellar, wet cardboard, mushrooms, wet newspaper, musty and mouldy. Cork taint

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3 Cocktail Ideas

Sparkling, fresh and simple


Warm summer evenings call for cool cocktails but keep things simple so that you can enjoy the party . Here are three ideas to inspire you. 

Kir Imperial

  • 1 part Crème de Framboise
  • 7 parts Cava or Champagne
  • A couple of raspberries per glass

This is a variation on the Kir Royale which uses Crème de Cassis. This raspbery alternative is

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Wine faults ~ Part 1

The lesser evils - minor flaws in wine

 detecting wine faults.jpg

Contrary to popular belief there is only one true wine fault, corked wine or cork taint. There are a number of other faults that fall into a grey area because what is one person's fault in a wine might be considered a "characteristic" of the wine to others . And some things considered "faults" are not

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Reading wine labels: who has actually produced your wine?

Wine provenance: clues to look for on the label

Kalleske labels.jpg

Geographical indication
You may not pay too much attention to the specific origin of your wine other than looking for a geographical indication or appellation; that is a good starting point but did you know that in some countries regulations allow wine producers to declare a wine is produced in a certain region when only a

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Vintage champagne; is it such a big deal?

de castellane vintage cellar.jpg

Vintage champagne is often talked about in much revered terms and the prices it can sell for suggest a far superior product to non-vintage champagne but is it so much better than non-vintage? First let's look at the differences between the two.

Non-vintage champagne is produced year on year in a consistent house style and to achieve that consistent style champagne houses have to use

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